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14-Jan-2020 18:23

Of course you already know this, so what's my point? If she's someone you see everyday, most girls can tell if a guy wants to ask her out by his first approach, and some tend to reject him immediatelyyou dont want it to seem like thatcomment on her shoes or her dress, then walk awaythe next day, smile and say hi, ask her about her day, then walk away ( do all these if she's someone u see all the time, maybe in ur school or something)I believe with that, you are already on the leve of friendship, you dont have to be scared cos u've talked to her alreadynext time u see her, u can offer to help her carry whatever she's carrying, from there i'm sure something will come upmaybe u asking her to lunch, as friends and u knwo d rest, u're a guy u'll figure it out There are several steps you must take1.Apperance: When meeting a girl for the first time it’s advisable to look very smart co’s your appearance would tell the kind of person you are. Ofcourse, u must be calculative as to what to say and what time. This is how i do it and it always worls I will drive up to her with my Audi TT, then flash my diamond-encrusted Rolex, after that answer an imaginary call with my 3G Nokia Phone while oozing all sexy and manly with a whiff of Imperial Majesty perfume(asking price is well over 0,000). just be yourself and introduce a lil bit of composture, then start flowing from there.Repeat this several times ad then just go over and talk to her without giving a damn what she thinks about you.Chances are that she may respond positivel y.oboy, just meet the girl, introduce urself and tell her who ur father is( obj or the late abiola)her that u love her pass ur mother and she will she smiles, then know it she has accepted.please confirm from the girls here, as soon as u say hello to any gal, the tone of the hello will always explain to her why u said hello and whatsoever her response will be will show as soon as you tell her, i love u pass my mother.might that not work for u let me know and i will let u try the option b Allright people listen up, i can clearly see none of you have ever interacted with a girl before lol.Dating Conversation Topics Examples - I have quite a large number of questions I have banked up that I use often on people. Besides some of them may not be suitable for me to mention here and I don't want to offend anyone.Proper Breathing to Calm Down - If you hyper-ventilate or find it hard to breathe when approaching women, then this part of the book can be of great help to you.

Here, he shares his understanding and knowledge of the art of seducing women with you.

but seriously the most easy and afficiant way to approach a girl on the first date is to complament her. 122Disclaimer: Every Nairaland member is solely responsible for anything that he/she posts or uploads on Nairaland.