Windows roaming profiles not updating

18-Jan-2020 05:42

It would probably not have hurt to add the file in question!?!

In other words: it is certainly nice to know that the error message is But one – essential – information is missing: which file did the User Profile Service try to access when it got that error?

You'll find it under Folder Redirection, the same place as the policy redirecting the desktop and documents folders.

Note that folder redirection policy has an option to keep the redirection in place even when the group policy no longer applies.

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That's what we've done: Now, the desktop & My documents folders have been redirected correctly. For instance, the App Data folder is still the one used with the roaming profiles, so if I delete it, the user profile on the client computer become unusable.So you might have to explicitly set new policy with the "Redirect to the local userprofile location" option.I came across this problem while preparing my sessions for this year’s conferences.The roaming profile synchronization at logoff leaks open handles which prevents the roaming profile sync at the subsequent logon from accessing the files.

Running the tool on the file server after rebooting the client shows the following – on every second reboot, when the error happens: This theory is validated by the fact that you can work around the problem by running the following command on the file server when the client has fully shut down to close the open handles: Helge Klein (ex CTP, MVP and v Expert) worked as a consultant and developer before founding vast limits, the uber Agent company.

Unfortunately the App Data folder still points there.