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The math is tricky -- if you figure Beatty had a 40-year run as a bachelor, he'd have to seduce a new woman almost every day over that entire time period (like God, he'd get Sundays off) to put up such an eye-popping total.

There's little doubt that Beatty was Hollywood's most accomplished lothario, but there has to be some level of exaggeration here.

The early 1960s also brought Warren Beatty a short-lived affair with Mamie Van Doren.

According to Mamie, the two love birds “romanced” a bit but never had intercourse.

He slept with virtually every one of his co-stars (Julie Christie, Diane Keaton, Goldie Hawn, Isabelle Adjani). He slept with women much younger than him and much older than him. And though it strains belief in one man's virility, it's alleged that he slept with both a sitting First Lady and a member of the British royal family.

In a 2010 biography, writer Peter Biskind asserted that Beatty had bedded 12,775 women -- a number the actor disputed.

Warren Beatty and Julie Christie were a beautiful couple, and they were smitten with each other.

Their on-again, off-again relationship lasted two years before Natalie finally said goodbye for good. Stone, which came out in the same year as Splendor In The Grass, Beatty played an Italian gigolo opposite Gone With The Wind actress Vivien Leigh, who was 24 years older.

If you think they didn't hook up, you might very well be wrong, although it's possible that the affair was invented to publicize the film.

“We practically did not leave each other for the next two years,” Leslie divulged.

She went on to confess that he was “one hell of a lover–but we fought like stray dogs.” The pair may have drifted apart romantically but they have managed to remain friends over the years.And most of his conquests did take place in the '60s and '70s, when people were getting around a lot more than they seem to today.