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Concord John Patitucci (ldr), Chris Potter (ss, ts), Mark Turner (ts), John Beasley, Danilo Perez (p), John Patitucci (b, eb, kal, arr), Jack De Johnette (d), Horacio 'El Negro' Hernandéz (d, per), Giovanni Hidalgo (cga, per, arr), Sachi Patitucci (kal) Chris Potter (ss) on a, c, f; (ts) on a-d, g; Mark Turner (ts) on c, h; John Beasley (p) on b-d, g, i; Danilo Perez (p) on a, f, h; John Patitucci (b) on a, c-d, f-j; (eb) on b, d; (kal) on e; (arr) on i-j; Jack De Johnette (d) on c-d, g-h; Horacio 'El Negro' Hernandéz (d) on a-b, f; (per) on a-b, f; Giovanni Hidalgo (cga) on a-b, f, j; (per) on a-b, f, j; (arr) on j; Sachi Patitucci (kal) on e.

During our visit to Dachau in November 2018 as part of the 80th anniversary commemoration of Kristallnacht, we met Björn Mensing, the Lutheran pastor (Kirchenrat or Pfarrer) at the KZ Protestant Chapel of Reconciliation (Evangelische Versöhnungskirche) in the Dachau Concentration Camp memorial.

BMG Delfayo Marsalis (ldr), Wessell Anderson (sss, as), Branford Marsalis (ss), Mark Gross (as), Mark Turner (ts), Scotty Barnhart, Wynton Marsalis (t), Delfayo Marsalis (tb), Victor 'Red' Atkins, Kenny Kirkland, Marcus Roberts (p), Robert Hurst, Reginald Veal (b), Jason Marsalis, Herlin Riley (d), Jeff Watts (d, bd, cym), Kimati Dinizulu (per) Wessell Anderson (sss) on i; (as) on b, g; Branford Marsalis (ss) on a, d-e, h-i; Mark Gross (as) on c, h-i; Mark Turner (ts) on b-c, f-i; Scotty Barnhart (t) on b, h-i; Wynton Marsalis (t) on c-d; Victor 'Red' Atkins (p) on b, d, f-g; Kenny Kirkland (p) on a, g; Marcus Roberts (p) on c, e; Robert Hurst (b) on a-b, e-i; Reginald Veal (b) on c-d, g; Jason Marsalis (d) on b, d, f-g; Herlin Riley (d) on c; Jeff Watts (d) on a, e, g; (bd) on i; (cym) on i; Kimati Dinizulu (per) on i.

Mark Turner listed as Mark 'Nat' Turner; Kimati Dinizulu listed as Kimati; Marcus Roberts listed as Marthaniel Roberts. Trumpet on b recorded at Blue Moon Studios, Havana, FL.

In an interview in 1983 Endres told author Dirk Rumberg that in 1938 the father of a boy who wished to be confirmed would not allow his son to take confirmation class along with a Jewish child.

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Endres said this occurred after the Kristallnacht but this cannot be so; we assume his memory was at fault in this respect.

Qwest Derrick Shezbie (ldr), Mark Gross (as), Branford Marsalis, Mark Turner (ts), Derrick Shezbie (t), Corey Henry (tb), Kirk Joseph (tu), Victor 'Red' Atkins, Kenny Kirkland, Ellis Marsalis (p), Robert Hurst, Greg Williams (b), Martin Butler, Herlin Riley, Jeff Watts (d) Mark Gross (as) on f-g, k; Branford Marsalis (ts) on c, i; Mark Turner (ts) on a-b, d, j; Corey Henry (tb) on a, c-i, k; Kirk Joseph (tu) on g; Victor 'Red' Atkins (p) on a-c, e, g-k; Kenny Kirkland (p) on d; Ellis Marsalis (p) on f; Robert Hurst (b) on d; Greg Williams (b) on a-c, e-f, h-k; Martin Butler (d) on a-b, e-f, h, j; Herlin Riley (d) on c, g, i, k; Jeff Watts (d) on d.