Vanessa hudgens dating josh hutcherson

01-Mar-2020 21:18

Vanessa Jonas=Josh Hutcherson=L-O-V-E Yes, It Was Josh Hutcherson Both she and Hutcherson have repeatedly denied ever dating.

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It’s possible that she was using him for publicity, taking advantage of the fact that he had just been cast in one of the hottest films of the decade.

Obviously, Josh is too classy to give out any names, but looking at his past girlfriends, she definitely comes to the forefront.

The High School Musical co-stars ended their three-year romance and Efron subsequently sparked rumours he's dating Aussie beauty Teresa Palmer after they attended a Los Angeles film screening together.

And Hudgens appears to be moving on from the relationship too - she was spotted looking close to her Journey 2: The Mysterious Island co-star Hutcherson at a party last week (ends27Feb11), according to

For me it hurts more when you’re ready for something to keep going and the other person isn’t. I’ve been known to fall hard and quick for girls, which I think is better than not falling at all.” Well, at least he doesn’t regret anything.

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Joshua Ryan “JoshHutcherson is an American actor.

Vanessa Jonas is really dating Josh Hutcherson.Journey from the Center of the Earth.Bridge to Terebithia.dated like about for 5 months.were Hollywoods cutest Teen Couple..

Vanessa Jonas=Josh Hutcherson=L-O-V-E sadly Vanessa Jonas.have a boyfriend..

Vanessa nabbing Josh Hutcherson yet again proves what good taste she has and what luck!

Josh is practically the new Zac because he’s won the hearts of girls around the world with his portrayal of loyal and sensitive Peeta in The Hunger Games.Also, Josh did seem WAY more into her than she did into him, even just by the various paparazzi videos that were taken of the two of them.