Validating documents

21-Oct-2019 22:18

So not only would you lose the speed benefits of the cache, it’s likely that your page will not be seen in many places!That would be a shame, so let’s make sure it doesn’t happen.If a smart fix is available for an error, then a light bulb icon is shown on the line that generates the error.When you place the mouse over the icon, a popup appears that lists available smart fixes. For example, you can use the AMP Validator NPM package for integration tests or in a scheduled task to verify production AMP pages.

The target Namespace=" attribute indicates that this XML Schema is targeting the In particular: The release only contains the XML Schema and Schematron Rules for the validator configuration for XRechnung.It is always recommended to update to the latest release. This repository contains an ANT which allows downloading all necessary tools and artefacts for creating this validator configuration for XRechnung.It also allows testing the configuration against a few UBL and UN/CEFACT documents and creates a release zip file.

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This way, third parties such as Twitter, Instagram or Google Search can feel great about serving AMP pages to readers in increasingly interesting ways.

If the JSON instance document is empty, the assignment of a JSON schema to the instance will automatically fill the JSON instance with sample data based on the schema. Validation results are displayed in the Messages window.

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