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28-Sep-2019 03:11

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The good news is that the current version available in Windows Essentials 2012 still works just fine in Windows 7, 8, and 10.

The app hadn’t really been updated in years anyway, so the end of support likely won’t matter much to anybody.

For users of Windows Live Mail, having no security updates will matter the most.

For the other apps in the suite, it’s less important.

Microsoft no longer offers the installer for Windows Essentials 2012 for download.

There are copies of it floating around the web, but we generally don’t recommend installing from third-party sources you don’t know or trust, so we won’t link to them here.

We’ll start with the easy stuff: All the features of the Family Safety app and One Drive have been built into Windows 8 and 10, so if you use either of those, you’re good to go.

In fact, if you are using either of those, you won’t even get the option to install the Family Safety app along with the suite.

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Though you can still keep using it if you want to, we don’t recommend it.RELATED: Photo Gallery has long been a favorite for organizing, viewing, and editing photos.Though it will not get any more feature updates, you can go on using the version from Windows Essentials 2012 because security updates won’t matter much in your image viewer.If you already own a copy of Microsoft Office that includes Outlook, you should explore that option.

It may have more features than you need out of an email client, but aesthetically it still feels very much like Windows Live Mail.When Windows 7 came along, Microsoft separated the app from the OS and released a new version as part of the Windows Essentials suite.