Updating mozilla firefox

29-Feb-2020 08:52

A jar inside the XPI still works, but is no longer necessary, so that can make your development or build easier.This was done mainly for performance reasons on slow OSes, and allows better cache invalidation, which also helps developers.You can no longer pass Java Script objects between threads.This renders the Thread Manager mostly useless for add-on developers, unfortunately, and there aren't at this time many alternatives.Add-on metadata is now stored in an SQLite database, and the Add-on Manager is now a Java Script code module called Addon Manager.A key difference with the new API is that requesting add-on metadata is now asynchronous instead of synchronous; this applies to add-ons using FUEL as well, so all add-ons that request metadata about add-ons will need to be updated.If you maintain an extension that uses native components that rely on s and instead use Web features or XUL to implement your extension.There are a lot of new features in Firefox 4 that make possible a lot of things that used to require native code, so you may no longer need to do this.

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It's worth noting that add-ons that have binary components will always be strictly checked for compatibility, since binary components always need to be recompiled for each major Firefox release.In addition, the back-end of the Add-on Manager was redesigned.The interface is gone, as is the old RDF-based storage it used.This happens when your element instead of a direct child of the overlay element.

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Move the toolbox out of the window element to fix this problem. Instead, there's a single button that opens a simplified Firefox application menu.However, not all kinds of files can be read from within the XPI yet, so if your extension uses one of those, you need to specify in your to cause Firefox to still extract your XPI and use single files, otherwise your extension will fail when trying to access these files.

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