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14-Feb-2020 09:21

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] Help (default is "Yes"): Computer Name : laptop Major Version : 2016 Target Level : SP2CU6 KB : 4488536 Successful : True Restarted : False Instance Name : Installer : \laptop\updates\sqlserver2016-kb4488536-x64_d02797c06ff36cde40c9cbd812946e0ecb59917Notes : And that’s it!

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So, on this momentous day of releasing dbatools version 1.0 I am releasing blog post 1, I have contributed to dbatools a little over the last 12 months or so and I literally use it every day as a DBA so I figured the least I could do right now, is share some of the ways I use dbatools, so in this post we will talk about how I update SQL Server using dbatools command Update-Dba Instance.

I didn’t tell it to install without checking first so it asks me.

If you wanted it to go ahead without checking then set -Confirm:$false.

In the interim, Paul Herber has a shape substitute utility. I don't know if it will change on all pages since I only had one page at the time however I cannot think of any reason why it shouldn't. When a shape is copied from a stencil to a drawing, a copy of the shape is placed in the local stencil.

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Even though a Visio drawing may have multiple pages, there is only one local stencil.

See how to pin your view to a dashboard, share links, and to save and share customized views.