Updating from windows 98 t

07-Mar-2020 01:26

You might want to download Windows 98 just to try out the operating system or to put it on a second computer at home.

Windows can be expensive, so finding a place to download an older operating system like Windows 98 for free is an enticing thought.

There are several reasons you might want to download Windows 98.

For example, if you need to install Windows 98 but you've lost your original Windows 98 Setup CD, downloading a Windows 98 ISO would get you out of that bind.

regardless, the world of windows 98 se users can thank mr. i tried a beta version of sp2 on my xp system, and it was a nightmear.

i have an older system running 98se, but i'll be damnd if i download from someone that i've never heard of.

Answer: I checked with Microsoft and their technical support folks came back with this answer: “The procedure listed isn’t really that great an option because deleting and files is deleting your registry.” The registry is the Windows filing cabinet that stores all of Windows vital information.

You may as well delete the whole Windows directory and start from scratch,” the anonymous technical support person said.

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coskun's website does include a disclaimer on using the package, as well as a link for those who would like to contribute a little back to him.(Microsoft doesn’t like to identify the people who help out journalists like me, and all messages get filtered through their public relations agency.) Incidentally, the only difference between the Windows 98 full retail version (which has the title “for PCs without Windows”) that A. is referring to, and the Windows 98 upgrade version is this: The boot disk can cause problems if you install the full version over an upgrade, said the unnamed Microserf.