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Use an initial query screen as input to a second query. This limits the number of records required to respond to a new query request. Use recordset operations especially for an update or append query in order to increase the speed of your query from minutes to a few seconds. This approach has the greatest effect on complex rather than simple select queries since recordset operations are written to memory in a temporary transaction buffer rather than directly to the hard disk. The main window is a form that allows record searching via the record selector arrows, and auto update entry fields.Access database record locking occurs in two environments either in the Microsoft Access Interface or in the ADO Recordset Object.

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A 'make table' query saves intermediate results in a new table for future use, improving the efficiency of later queries. A form that has a select statement as the record source either will not be optimized at all or will be optimized every time it runs.

Suppose you have created a form that used to make changes to clients addresses.

The first field control is lookup field that is used to see the client’s customer number.

You can prevent users from making any changes to field by following these below mentioned steps: Even though you have turned off, the customer name field is still visible. To keep users trying to work with the field at all.

You can set the control so that both if the control label and its content are get disabled.

My plan is to create the recordset within an On Load Event then parse through the recordset with a Do.. Is it possible to pass just one record from the recordset to the module? Other possible solutions I've considered: Direct answer regarding Recordsets: For Recordset objects used by Access (DOA -the default used by Access, or ADO) the short answer is "No".