Updating a file random acess in

29-Sep-2019 09:32

updating a file random acess in-43

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os.system( "tabix output.dummy:- | perl -pe 's/^dummy\t\d \t//' | tr '\t' '\n'".format( rand_record_index) ) calls a system shell and is vulnerable to shell injection vulnerabilities.

If you are writing production code, then you probably want to take extra precautions. This would get you the log(n) lookup time you want. You could 2-bit encode the bases and quantize the quals to save some space, but that'd be lossy and is perhaps not what you're looking for.

in front office trading application and FIX Engine, you can use random access file to store FIX sequence numbers or all open orders.

The title of this question mentions a FASTQ only because FASTQ is a common format for storing unaligned reads on disk.I will show you how you can do that in next part of this tutorial when we will learn reading and writing byte arrays using That's all about how to read and write from Random Access File in Java.

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