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13-Sep-2019 09:04

Each text message is a concrete projection of you and it is important to present yourself in the way you want to be perceived.

Although you might text one way with your friends, you should text in an entirely different fashion with your co-workers, clients or prospects.

Give the recipient the opportunity to respond before sending a multitude of messages.

Related: The Jury Is Still Out on Texting for Professional Communication Texting is similar to verbal or written communication.

Treat text messaging the same way you treat an actual conversation.

As it would be rude for you to dominate the conversation when you are speaking, it is also inappropriate when texting.

If you receive a two-word text from someone, you can most likely assume that the sender is in a hurry, does not have much time available, or needs a quick response.

If you need to go into detail or offer an extensive explanation, pick up the phone instead or meet in person.

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Related: Study: Constantly Texting and Checking Social Media Makes You ' Morally Shallow' The receiver should not be confused as to what you are trying to say, and if your message is interpreted the wrong way, your miscommunication could cause conflicts and even missed business opportunities.

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