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Kent was traditionally partitioned into East and West Kent, and into lathes and hundreds.The traditional border of East and West Kent was the county's main river, the Medway.In the previous year, Augustine successfully converted the pagan King Æthelberht of Kent to Christianity.The Diocese of Canterbury became England's first Episcopal See with first cathedral and has since remained England's centre of Christianity.By the reign of Elizabeth I (1558–1603) a small dockyard had been established at Chatham.By 1618, storehouses, a ropewalk, a drydock, and houses for officials had been built downstream from Chatham.Men and women from east of the Medway are Men (or Maids) of Kent, those from the west are Kentishmen or Kentish Maids.

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The early medieval inhabitants of the county were known as the Cantwara, or Kent people.The Kent people's continued resistance against the Normans led to Kent's designation as a semi-autonomous county palatine in 1067.