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04-Jan-2020 04:17

Zoosk has been able to grow exponentially in popularity and has not slowed down since the dating platform was founded back in 2007.

Because it can be accessed in over seventy countries, the website is also available in over 25 languages making it second only to in terms of its’ overall capacity to reach an international audience.

Founded in December 2007, Zoosk has since expanded into becoming its’ own website but also has found a place in different social networking websites as well as mobile applications making it one of the most versatile dating platforms on the Internet today.

With the growing popularity of social media and mobile applications, Zoosk has been able to grow and adapt to these changes to become the popular application that continues to gain more members and a larger following.

We have worked with several couples in which one is a Jehovah’s Witness and another is not and we have found that it has been VERY difficult for them to be able to work through the differences between Christian beliefs and Watchtower teachings.

Even in cases where the other spouse is not a Christian and has not particular religion beliefs, it is still difficult because of the mental control that the Watchtower exerts on its members.

This is especially true if the Jehovah’s Witness mate has family members involved.

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There are over five million unique users who use Zoosk each month and the official Facebook page for this dating application has over twelve million active followers.Because of the versatility that comes with using Zoosk, members of this dating website and application are able to talk, get to know each other, and meet across a wide ranging number of platforms.Due to its’ multiple platforms and the fact that Zoosk has been around for almost a decade now, it has one of the largest total memberships in online dating.If the mate returns to the Watchtower, as has occurred in several cases we have worked with, we have seen that less than 50% of the marriages survive.

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We have found that even in cases where a spouse agreed not to bring the Jehovah’s Witness religion into the marriage, even this does not prove effective when the children come along and there is a fight over which religion the children will be raised in.I’M FIGHTING MY JEHOVAH’S WITNESS EX-SPOUSE FOR CHILD CUSTODY.