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27-Oct-2019 16:02

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Sometimes it is not always about a problem with the app or the console, if revoking access to the PSN on the Google security or uninstalling and reinstalling the app prove futile, there is always the fact that the Play Station Network is severely congested that prevents some features from operating normally.

The same principle holds when you are uploading a video using a computer browser.

But if you want to play online with friends or communities in multiplayer-mode, you will need to download patches and update games.

There is no legit way to play games online without updating them.

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For free and easy download, you can use a reliable software such as i Tube HD Video Downloader.

Now, contrary to what some users believed, the Suggested Videos was not removed from the app.

The selection was in fact reduced into a single line now renamed as "Recommended Videos for You" which you may need to scroll up or down to locate.

This You Tube downloader is free and perfectly safe without the annoying ads, with no waiting and without an internet connection.

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This smart downloader also provides settings such as Shutdown, Sleep or Exit programs allowing you to leave your computer on to download videos.It might not always be critical and glitches are always bound to happen which will eventually get patched.

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