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28-Sep-2019 23:13

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The Custom Channel system is Cryptic-wide, which means you should put some thought into your channel names if you don't want users from another game accidentally joining.

The refresh button refreshes(usually) your current display of custom channels.

Each tab has its own configuration for what message to be display or not (channel message, zone, say, whispers etc).

The left-hand side contains the names of the current tabs that you have created already and the background of your current selection highlights in blue.

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Ad-hoc icon locations for Chat Window Tabs and Custom Channels windows.Reset to Default sets the channel filters of a tab back to default. Copy will copy the information of the currently selected tab into a new tab.This is the window that contains most of the general information about your current custom channels.The right-hand side of the window contains the configuration information of the selected tab.

You can edit the name of a tab with the name field.

HTML5 element, which is absolutely necessary for colorillo to work.