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06-Nov-2019 11:11

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For popular Hong Kong actor Moses Chan, dating a celebrity co-worker is no longer a hush-hush affair.The 40-year-old TVB leading man's present high-profile romantic relationship is starkly different from his earlier one.A few days ago, Kate Tsui was spotted on a date at a restaurant with a Moses Chan(陳豪) look-alike.The two were deeply engaged in the conversation while ignoring others around them.She also took to her personal Instagram to clarify that she has never been married.At the same time, she also confirmed that she has broken up with Calvin, but shared that she is still friends with him.In 2016, they reunited on-screen to play a married couple in Two Steps from Heaven.

No wonder Moses, who delivered impressive performances in recent TV dramas Yes Sir, Sorry Sir and When Heaven Burns, has been photographed beaming from ear to ear on almost every possible occasion.

Late last week, news reports claiming that Bernice secretly got married four years ago emerged, alleging that she tied the knot with French wine mogul Jean-Charles Cazes and has even attended parties as his missus.

They went on to claim that her relationship with Calvin was a smokescreen, and that they were not really dating.

The couple met on the set of The Hippocratic Crush, where she played the role of one of his mentors.

A year later, they were caught in a "car shaking" scandal, in which Tavia was spotted having her head in Him's lap in his car, leading to speculations that the two were behaving intimately.

It's presumably all thanks to Chan, the spunky, sweet-looking 30-year-old TVB starlet who won the Miss Hong Kong pageant in 2006. Besides, it's a happy thing, I don't see why we should hide it. "It's very nice to have people giving us their blessings, showing their support and acceptance." The Hong Kong tabloids had been speculating about the couple's burgeoning relationship from the middle of last year.