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He shared: “I think my brothers and I became the closest when we found a common ground beyond music and family — girls.” Kevin shared how the band getting on the map really helped their game, sharing, “When I was in high school, I couldn’t get a date no matter how much I tried. After Disney Channel plays our [‘Year 3000’] music video, life immediately changes as a teenager for me.Me and Joe were, like, wing-manning each other constantly.” episode on the Disney Channel. When he met Miley, I think that kid’s head exploded.” Nick had big feels for Cyrus, he admitted, sharing, “I started writing about love and I actually knew what it felt like.Singer-songwriter and actress Miley Cyrus gained international superstar status for her breakout role as the lead star of the highly successful Disney series Hannah Montana.The multitalented star has maintained a fair level of success over the years, however, she has successfully shed her teen idol image and has evolved a highly-sexual persona in her adulthood.The popstar fell in love and exchanged rings with The Hunger Games actor in June 2012, only to part ways with him a year later.SEE ALSO: Miley Cyrus Gets Groped, Forcibly Kissed By 'Fan'. After the couple broke off their engagement, Miley had a relationship with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son Patrick Schwarzenegger.Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth’s relationship has seen a lot of highs and lows ever since they locked eyes on the set of their Nicholas Spark teen-drama.In the past ten years, Miley has gone through several personality transformations, and so has her love life.

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These pictures date back to the time when the Miley and Liam were shooting for The Last Song.At that point, it was already too late because it was in the media.” Kevin added, “We had all this success and that’s the only thing we could hear or focus on, was things that people were saying about us.” They even got made fun of on an episode of South Park, with Joe sharing: “They were saying Disney created a band who were these cookie-cutter boy band brothers.That everything was perfect and they used Christianity and purity rings as a way to sell music to kids…Its been a decade that the Hannah Montana-star first met her beau Liam Hemsworth.

And Miley Cyrus is celebrating her relationship milestone on social media.Happy 10 year anniversary my love Good to see everyone is as dumb as they were in 2009! & I hope the way you feel about me is one of them . WZXId C — Miley Ray Cyrus (@Miley Cyrus) June 11, 2019 *Miley making sure that she starts all of her relationships on June 11 so she doesn't have to remember another date* CH39Fx Gwr — The Kids of KL Deserved to be Barbecued ミ (@un3ndingtragedy) June 11, 2019 Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas dated briefly in 2009.