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20 00 ahnijt governmen* em Riiiieh Columbia Here's the Latest News From in - J. sl| flexible, rgitimlf^fnr city or rountrv’ ianoa and authentic reproductions, * . 000 per annum could involve the addition of 0,000,000 to federal outlays in the present fis(? Such a course has neither been approved by the di.ssolved Parliament nor endorsed by the new awmbly. All over the province communities are busy on the job of marking Ihe centenary in distinctive is aiming not particular attractions, If Ihe nf There U which own pageants, festivals of one kind or another, parades and displays undoubtedly will be the order of the day. Several major sporting and rencafjonal events will also be centred Altogether, from Ihe in BC. standpoint of the visitor the provini'e should In* a tourist’s paradise in and fnj* the people of B. SS p.|,| I- y , m M U Mr- r*r.s*lr Rn U, j;ia -•a- iwa* V ;.'d,n»qr l'«' Vala ’*701 ' sss **•% * ; u. Wilson tried to drive home to In an age when the evils the authorities of srptic tank-: ajp acknowledged and small muniripalitie.s everyuheir aiv* trying to get rid of them, the Rrttish rofumbia ge\pi*nrnent appears willing to pemiit a new hou'-ing project with no provision for vewers in a lo liiirtersiand. — Any Room Can Be Bought Separately RIGHT THROUGH HARD Mfiivs ovvi CToaia YATES TO VIEW " ^ I3SS City \oiphonk laila (ffo Unisi i9S7 Amazin^i AN INOEr ENDENT NEWSr APEB, THE OBOAN OP NO CUOUV OB PABTI EETH HALBJN. Puhllgher Powers OKMAMl MABRIOV By %\tj mofnlng Pubilftlied Edltorln Chlel «l tt Si Miwdgj hy Ih* ()4a«^ia* Srrw L Uc-tn Ha. He vaid publicly he cnuld not understand pana st M'II C OMMENTS W hy \err this . Right now there is in pi*ogit*.«.s a dispute over a contemplated new subdivision whi(h ser\e« to illustrate some of the points Mr. jr*y C 1ft ill *t r»j3 Cr»i 7433 r-ftn R L tl a n '!

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(an 4’ par* Mft[fi Chift we M, ' II" IS" IT, ,fa*'f rr* »’ ,-n |ft4W f Xft B-"- Rji Wft' H"» UVW 1 ft ill* Oi M 'Ul A'f 'Isra w' • .'W Burr*''.

I U e.j,,;- .da\ tiev i the »’n»v Mi Ze Petbarh ^‘.d papei plant At Uuiuan a (l Aiiieip Ai inieie.'^i weekend th»a son it* «'• umei V'atu IS ' d 1954 CADILLAC a N K ^ pri^ideni.

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