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03-Feb-2020 15:21

Sinai is one of about 200 slum settlements in the city."All 10 of them have either been raped or been forced by poverty or their parents to have sex for money," said Richardson, who has dreadlocks, a broad smile, and the word "Love" tattooed inside her left arm.

Richardson said her commitment to her work stemmed from personal experience as she was sexually abused as a child by a close family member but everyone tried to ignore it.

She would sneak into brothels, strip clubs, and alleys, sometimes posing as a prostitute, to lure girls away, an experience she described as "terrifying."But after two years of running the Mtwapa rescue center, Richardson wanted to do more to help and in April this year set up the charity Art and Abolition, which aims to help "sex slaves" through the performing arts, therapy, and education.

Assisted by a local social worker, Richardson selected 10 girls aged between eight and 16, who were living in the slum of Sinai to take part in her program.

It provides programs that trigger change, empower people, and offer concrete solutions.

Kenya is warm country with capital Nairobi sandwiched between Somalia, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia and Southern Sudan. One of the main reason of theirs dark beauty is geographic location which is on equator.

Especially in big cities such is Nairobi or Mombasa where women has more chances to join life and skip out from old gender roles.

Big positive point became with this colonization when women start speak in english.

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Seeing a 15-year-old, much less an 8-year-old, telling me that she has to have sex to eat was completely shocking," Richardson said."I hated it. They are traumatized, they can't sleep, I can't sleep."Richardson found herself becoming one of a growing number of activists running grass-roots campaigns to stop grinding poverty from sending children from the slums into the sex trade.Some knowingly sent their daughters out to sell their bodies while others forced them into situations where they were raped.The youngest girls in her program are sisters, aged eight and 10, whose mother made them sell peanuts in a local nightclub. Their mother was in denial until Richardson took the children for medical examinations and confronted her, making her come to terms with what she was doing to her daughters.Of course probably not the same level like you if you are from America, Britain or any other native english speaking country, but you will understand pretty well and phrases she is missing, she will learn by time and conversation with you. Sometimes its hard to expect her age, they can be really young and looks like sexy women you can find for example on Google or You Tube on Africa channels.

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