Ice core dating

16-Dec-2019 23:42

These layers in the creationist model may represent only one year.

So, the uniformitarian scientists in actuality would be counting storm layers or other cycles of weather that can often duplicate the annual cycle.7 For instance, a storm has a warm and cold sector with different measurements of the variables, producing a cycle in the variables.

The assumed thickness of the annual layers is important because it constrains the annual thickness in the measurements.

The measurements can deviate a little from the assumed annual layer thickness but not by much.

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As an example, halfway down the GRIP Greenland ice core at about one mile (1,600 m) deep, uniformitarian scientists believe the annual layer thickness is 4 inches (10 cm).3 The measurements for oxygen isotopes would then be spaced every 1/2 inch (1 cm) apart.

The new deep Dome C ice core from the top of the Antarctic ice sheet is claimed to have drilled seven ice age cycles for a total of about 700,000 years near the bottom. Except for coastal ice cores that show only one ice age cycle, the Antarctica ice sheet is dated by that the astronomical theory of the ice age is correct.9 In fact, this assumption also undergirds the annual layer dating of the Greenland ice sheet.10 This is how they obtain three or more ice age cycles, with each cycle being 100,000 years long.

They simply count the assumed number of ice age cycles and multiple by 100,000 years, the assumed period for the astronomical theory.

The method of counting annual layers only works with the high accumulation Greenland ice sheet.

However, the deep Antarctic ice sheet cores have been dated to over 300,000 years showing multiple ice age cycles.At the peak of the Ice Age, the average thickness of the ice sheets in the Northern Hemisphere was estimated to be 2,300 feet (700 m), while on Antarctica it was 3,900 feet (1,200 m).

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