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04-Jan-2020 03:08

If you listen to any of my podcasts, you would be aware that I’ve been on a number of dates recently, and all but one was pretty terrible.

A friend read it and suggested I post it, as it really holds some good advice that many could use a refresher on.So, here it is: “You texted asking how I thought our date went.My response is much too long for a text message, hence sending it to you via OKCupid. My DDP assured me that, since you asked for an evaluation, it was best I give you an honest one.When you land in a relationship, you’ve had some history where you have gotten to know someone.

Dating is the awkward part of getting to know someone to determine if you want to land in a relationship with them.

This is why you need a DDP, a female who is also dating, that you can discuss your dates with.