Duggar dating rules part 1

23-Oct-2019 16:02

Once you are fully charged, use this energy to build up sexual tension between you and her.Lets your sexual energy be expressed through your body language and how you look and talk to her. Let me clarify this simple idea because it is apparently controversial or misunderstood since each time I write something in the line of Women and manginas, then write me comments and messages, basically stating that: “A real dominant man should always use his dominance in order to please a woman doing what she wants because otherwise she won’t have an orgasm and it is his responsibility to pleasure her.” This is nonsense, simply put; you cannot be dominant by being submissive.You need to be swift and assertive into ensuring you get want YOU want, with confidence and strength.Sexual stimulation is way more psychological that physical.

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You need to act like if you are her king and if you think this is being a jerk or a douche bag, it is probably because the feminist establishment has been brainwashing males to be more and more submissive for decades now by using shaming tactics discriminating against every masculine trait. You have the right the be a masculine man like you’re born to be. Now, it does not mean that you are only going to do things that will not please her or that she will not be able to experience an orgasm. not having the control and being submitted to your desire is precisely what is going to fuel the sexual tension to a higher level, making her super horny, thus allowing her to have an orgasm more easily.

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Male or female we both get sexually aroused in our mind first.

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That is actually why most women are much more excited when they have sex with a dominant partner.Why are you doing your best to please her and make sure she has an orgasm? This is a very important question because it reveals the mindset from where all your actions are coming from.

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