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This is honestly the go to workout I recommend my friends and my clients if they haven't done a thing yet, and want to drop weight quickly.

Focus T25 is not easy, but it also isn't a 60 minute or 90 minute workout like Insanity or P90X.

Alpha teaches how to work, focus, and move your body. Feel free to click the image below, print, and keep it while you wait for your Focus T25 workout program to arrive.

The Focus T25 Beta phase kicks things up a level and turns Focus T25 into Insanity Focus T25. If you are an INSANITY graduate, you as might as well start with the Beta stage of Focus T25. When I wrote this Focus T25 review, I wanted to make sure it was clear that Focus T25 is for those people that are looking for Insanity results, but only working out 25 minutes a day. Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced, it doesn't matter you can do this workout. Focus T25 has a modifier so you can watch Tania, and follow her, and she will keep it low impact, and get you in great shape and achieve incredible results with T25. Focus T25 is a completely focused workout where you will be focusing on specific muscles and body parts hard.

If you don't see my name, press “Select a Different Coach” otherwise you will be ordering from a random coach.

If you still have issues, just add me and send a message on Facebook and I'll get it changed for you. I'm going to be honest, Focus T25 will help you drop weight fast, however there are some things I found with the workout you need to be aware of!If you can focus for 25 minutes, you can do Focus T25If you want to get a copy of Focus T25, I beg you to add me on Facebook first so we can chat and make sure that Focus T25 is right for you.