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18-Mar-2020 08:33

He is desperate, as in the military he will be beaten and humiliated futher. I quote from her emails: "Documents preparation will go from about 3-4 days everything depends on how soon will my visa will be ready. Darling, when I it's learned I was just confused and distraught such large amounts.

Asks for money to be sent via Western Union to pay for a Doctor to excuse him for the impending miliary service First reported: John Details: Typical scammer, use fake visa. When the money that she requested didn't arrive, she never emails again. They said that to get a tourist visa to your country are difficult, but they you may be able to help me in everything.

she fell in love instantly and on the 9th email she started asking for 0 via Western Union for help filing a Visa application.

She stated that she could take care of the Visa but needed Air Fare. He says his father, who is a doctor, has beat him because he is gay. Then, suddenly he is called up to join the milatary.She sent me mail, told she chosen me between many men without seeing my profile. She wrote to me insistently although I told her she was too you and too far away. She ignored most of the finer points in my correspondence and said she would come to England and could I send her 00 to Western Union, no account no., no arrival date.