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13-Jan-2020 03:04

You can’t buy a Bentley with Honda money so if you aren’t a qualified buyer you need to get your ass off the lot. I am not your past boyfriends, I am not your future boyfriend, I am the present. Hill Harper often suggests that too many women vie for that 5% of men that the entire population is lusting over. We all have family issues, money issues, school issues, work issues, etc., but beyond that I don’t have time for baby mamas, baby daddies, children, and all other nonsense. By the way if you have any of the latter, I’m not interested. I’m sick and tired of meeting women who have preconceived notions and stereotypes about black men.

The man who would buy everyone drinks, knows how to be a gentleman and has been to Asia kind of man. Being feminine is not over rated, we know you’re a woman; don’t try to hang with the boys. Additionally being able to “clean up” well is a good trait, especially when the little black dress comes out.

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