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The risk of opposing this order, of plunging into the unknown, was simply too much for us to contemplate for very long. Sometimes you just have to make a wacky graphic tee with a reference that five people on Earth will get.

The image was designed after Disneyland advertisements of the 1950s.

Further, I make no claims to the quality of every film on the list. This is even more true when it comes to regional pride — so they all deserve to be here, and more. A lot of this rationale, as with all lists and all genre barriers, is totally subjective. Visually, this map is mostly a showcase of horror typography, so when selecting sources for inclusion such as film posters, I went with the most appealing type I could find across various regional posters and marketing materials. Finding and finessing the appropriate resources required a lot of time and patience, as you can imagine…

This was naturally easier to do for older films, with their beautiful and unique hand-lettering, rather than the abundance of Trajan and Garamond we see today. Finally, the howling spawn at Redbubble disabled my account for no stated reason, so I’m porting my graphics over to at new account at Teespring. Stephen King’s 1983 novel “Pet Sematary” has had a hold on my imagination for most of my life.

This was the system in which we had functioned for generations.

This was the order of things into which we had been born and to which we had committed ourselves by compliance.

For a film to be included on the map, it has to make some in-universe reference to the state in which it takes place.

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Honestly, I made it solely for myself to wear and I’m just sharing it on the off, chance that it might be fun for some other Ligottesques out there. Be the toast of the next Necronomi Con in a lovely pink Ligotti-themed shirt, or wear it to casual day in the Nightmare Network, where you work, and I work, and we all work, forever. states of its real-life Danvers Asylum setting, “Fear is a place.” As a genre, horror tends to be concerned with space. Boos An upbeat cartoon comedy full of colour and energy. follow an ensemble cast through hilarious adventures in Port Metro, a vibrant Pacific Northwest metropolis. It depicts the destroyed trolley central to the story as well as Comfort Castle, a location described in the text.To say more would be to spoil some of the story’s dark delights.To finesse my skills I've been taking on short-notice challenges including, recently, this entry to Vancouver's 48-hour Run N' Gun Film Competition.

Conceived, written and directed by Nate Kelly, Dating Magick is a wacky comedy about two dopey guys who get more than they bargained for on dates with two mysterious women.

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