Dating transformers

19-Sep-2019 17:13

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dating hes giving me time

Cade disrupts the group to show them who is destroying them by showing the Autobots the video from the drone. Bumblebee finds out that they have made a new robot in his image named Stinger, much to Bumblebee's anger after hearing that it is "better" than him.

He says that KSI is making new robots from the Autobots, and hears that Prime is going to kill whoever is behind this. Cade goes to look around and find a couple melting Ratchet's head.

One day, both Cade and Lucas go to an abandoned movie theater, looking for parts for his house.

After playing throwing a football at Lucas, he finds an old vintage truck inside the theater, asking how much it is to the owner, only to find out that the truck has never been seen before, and buys it for 0 (using Lucas's money).

Bumblebee takes him hostage, and Santos opens his fire and Cade directs his barrel and I'll have time to kill you first.

Then William Lennox, the former ally of the Autobots, intervenes, and demands to drop the gun, but Yeager refuses and says that they need a house and you all run into them and they give change, then comes Hound asks to recall all the soldiers and let go, Cade and the Autobots go and go to their shelters.

Cade brings it to his home to strip its parts and get money out of it.

Lockdown sends guard dogs after the human group to kill them.

Cade Yeager is a character that appears in Transformers: Age of Extinction and Transformers: The Last Knight. His area of expertise is in robotics, he has a 17 year old daughter named Tessa who he raised alone after her mother died when she was still a young child.

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