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19-Oct-2019 09:36

She said: "I'm an older woman who has stepped outside convention - I'm very unusual. "I won't waste time worrying whether people judge me for having great sex with a 25-year-old.She never dates exclusively and can have around three men on the go at one time Gaynor says her personality doesn't suit older men and that she's more interested in being lover than a housewife."I know people who are 100 per cent faithful, but I think that a man's natural inclination is to spread his seed.And she blasted her haters, claiming most other women are simply "jealous"."The thought of getting elder scares me, no one wants to get old, it's just a fact of life."My life is far more joyful and exciting than it has even been." And this twice-divorced grandma explains why she's getting married to her toyboy lover 19 years her junior.She said: "People are very small minded, it's usually the women who are most hostile, they're jealous and envious."Every year I question myself, and think 'am I ready to change'.

"When I met my second husband I was a single mum with three children and he was a decade younger.Gaynor, an author and businesswoman from Enfield, London, said: "I'm one of the most openly prolific cougars out there."I'm not boasting about it and I know it's not for everyone, but I'm non-repentant.The gran-of-four hooked up with a 23-year-old, and has never looked back.

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She now claims toyboys are better in bed, and she never dates men older than 30 as they're the secret to keeping her young.

While in America the so-called ‘Cougar’ trend has received massive media interest and shows no sign of abating, here in the UK a new online-dating phenomenon has taken off, with hundreds of women and men from all over the country logging on every day in search of their perfect match.