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A stream of high-speed solar wind is lashing Earth's magnetic field, blowing faster than 700 km/s. "Much to might delight, the auroras started as soon as the sun went down on Aug. " Picture this: A billion-ton coronal mass ejection (CME) slams into Earth's magnetic field.This is sparking geomagnetic storms around the poles. 31st, pushed bright auroras across the Canadian border into the USA as far south as Wisconsin, Michigan and Montana. Campers in the Rocky Mountains wake up in the middle of the night, thinking that the glow they see is sunrise. People in Cuba read their morning paper by the red illumination of aurora borealis. This map shows where auroras were sighted in the early hours of Sept.

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These energies span the range of medical X-ray machines and airport security scanners. During Solar Maximum, CMEs are abundant and cosmic rays are held at bay. Book a combination aurora borealis chase and scenic day tour during the months of September, October or November 2019 for the special price of 1800 kr. Last week in China, a photographer captured a rare photo of a "super sprite"--a gigantic tentacled jet leaping up from the stormy wake of Typhoon White Deer.