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02-Jan-2020 08:12

Don’t you just love the way some people use religion as a way to abuse others that are poorer than themselves!The Saudi Authorities have access to your phone messages and what you send, after all they blocked blackberry a few years back because they would not allow access to their servers.

Normally by Mutawa who have nothing better to do with their time than harass innocent women in the street.

Saudi Arabia is hardly renowned for its perfect treatment of its women so you can be sure that these young women would have been completely terrified of the potential repercussions of being exposed as the sort of girl that would flash their underwear or less for the camera phone!

Most families would not tolerate this behavior and would likely take extreme measures against the women involved.

Of course this monitoring of your phone and other communications is only to look for terrorism!

To be honest it is unlikely that sending a few naughty pictures is going to make you someone of interest to the authorities, after all they would not have the time or the man power to check everyone who sent a naughty text or a picture of their bits!

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