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05-Mar-2020 15:06

On a plus-size dating site you’re surrounded by people who are also overweight, so there’s no need to feel insecure or worry about being rejected.

Being around people on specialty dating sites who understand you makes you feel more confident and happy about yourself.

I want you to see a broad smile on their face when you two meet.

No matter what they say about inner beauty, being overweight will always be an obstacle to dating.

That might be a little disingenuous of you—in other words, an artsy shot. The viewer can see where your curves start and where they end, where the big parts are and where the smaller parts are, offering up the whole picture of who you are physically.

Are you standing against a wall, but you’ve got your feet positioned in a way that captures your curves better than if you were to stand straight? Showcasing your assets can feel petty, but most guys can’t help the type of body they’re attracted to. This means that you want to sort yourself out of the way of the men who don’t want to date you, so that you can focus on being all of your glorious self for the ones who do.

Given all the niche dating apps floating about on the internet right now – the bacon-lovers dating app, for example – it’s a little sad that until now, there wasn’t a dating app for a group of people who often feel excluded in the dating scene: plus-size women. It’s a new dating app created just for plus-size women – and the men who have a thing for women with curves.

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Alternative internet dating sites put you in touch with hundreds of prospects with just a single click.I was intrigued and my curiosity was definitely piqued! It was taken from a high angle (you know that trick).

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