Dating is he into you

23-Jan-2020 08:26

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Question submitted by Trini, 29, Victoria, British Columbia What are some signs that he is into you?Trying to decode guy into English can be difficult sometimes, especially it you have one of those “silent types” on your hands.Besides, dating guys who never show any indication of interest usually aren’t good at showing affection either.

The key thing to look out for when looking for signs he is into you is how much he’s around.

Even when it backfires, it will let you know whithout a doubt whether he’s into you or not.

The trick here is to do it in a semi-intimate situation.

Did you figure it out on your own, or did he tell you about the thing that impressed you? Even if it’s something very small, but has affected you all the same, just pay attention to how you get your information.

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This might feel like it’s way too forward for you, but it works perfectly on any guy.If you can spot anything he’s doing to draw attention to himself, you can bet this is one of the sure signs he is into you.

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