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Brad Whitford is known for Les Pauls during his long tenure rocking with Aerosmith, but for this project his likes the contrast Strats bring to the group’s sound.

Here is a Fender American Vintage 1965 Stratocaster.

Moreover, the 1988 price list describes the line as merely "H. Series Stratocaster", while the 1989 price list mentions, "U. Fender HM Strat ultra differs in that it has 4 Lace Sensor pickups in HSS configuration (these pickups are considered less noisy/aggressive and sometimes less preferred for HM Strat than those found in the Fender HM Strat), a smaller 'digitalized' Strat logo (considered to be more discreet) and an ebony fingerboard with split-triangle inlays.

The Fender logo on the headstock is of mother of pearl.

How to distinguish between Japanese and US assembled Fender HM Strats - The USA model features a Di Marzio Super 3 humbucker (hex poles) with American Standard single coils in the middle and neck, which are easily distinguishable by the red/white wires (middle) and blue/white wires (neck) that are visible while looking straight at the pickup. Series Stratocaster" from which one might garner that the earliest models were the Japan/US collaboration, followed by a straight USA-made model.

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All HM strat US made models had a scale length of 25.15 inches (639 mm) and a radius of 17 inches (431.8 mm).

This one was given to him by his six-string brother Brad Whitford at the end of their most recent recording jam.

He’s dropped in David Allen Tru 59 PAF pickups—because he says they bring the guitars’ tone even closer to the vintage vibe he’s chasing—and upgraded to a Tone Pros bridge and tuners. Holmes continues to support his longtime friend, Joe Knaggs, who used to work at PRS but now builds under his own brand—Knaggs Guitars.

In 1985, a group of musically dedicated people and investors led by William Schultz purchased the Fender company from Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS).

The building that contained the equipment was not part of the sale, so the plant was relocated.Not to be left out of the Gibson Collector’s posse, Whitford is working with Gibson to release his own replica based on his personal 1959 burst.