Dating a man with attention deficit disorder

21-Jan-2020 00:10

Trying a sleep-friendly routine can help your child and make bedtime less of a battleground.

Read more information about creating a bedtime ritual for better sleep.

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Make sure they're not doing anything too strenuous or exciting near to bedtime.

Read our page on health and fitness, which includes information on getting active, and how much activity you and your child should be doing. If your child is hyperactive after eating certain foods, which may contain additives or caffeine, keep a diary of these and discuss them with your GP. Make sure your child goes to bed at the same time each night and gets up at the same time in the morning.

Set up your own incentive scheme using a points or star chart, so good behaviour can earn a privilege.

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Be clear, using enforceable consequences, such as taking away a privilege, if boundaries are overstepped and follow these through consistently. Instead of saying a general: "Thanks for doing that," you could say: "You washed the dishes really well.

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Thank you." This will make it clear to your child that you're pleased and why.

If you're asking your child to do something, give brief instructions and be specific. " say: "Please put your toys into the box and put the books back onto the shelf." This makes it clearer what your child needs to do and creates opportunities for praise when they get it right.Targets should be: Try to focus on just one or two behaviours at a time. If your child looks like they're becoming frustrated, overstimulated and about to lose self-control, intervene. Invite friends to play, but keep playtimes short so your child doesn't lose self-control.

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