Dampd intimidating presence

24-Jan-2020 20:31

The fruiting body or sporophore is easily identifiable with its ‘pizza-like’ appearance.

The spore out from these fruiting bodies can be the first indication that dry rot is present.

Wooden beading and skirting boards will become brittle and eventually shows the signs of deterioration.

Penetrating damp Watermarks that may appear on the masonry.

In itemizing Tom’s many phobias, in this case of having to converse with a woman, Gordon states he was once horrified to have sat through a solo dinner with Jean Kennerley during the war.

Don’t try to remove the mould yourself if it’s caused by sewage or other contaminated water.

“Protect yourself from mould spores by wearing goggles, long rubber gloves and mask that covers your nose and mouth.

You may be able to remove mould yourself, or you may need to get a professional to remove it.

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On its website, it recommends: “Only remove mould yourself if its caused by contestation and covers an area less than one metre squared (1x1 metre or 3x3 feet).

It’s hard to tell from these photos whether Old Tom is having a fine time or grimly lamenting his fate.