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30-Nov-2019 01:08

I’ve had many many fans reach out for advice, and I always welcome it.I’m kind of a Jane of Many Trades, and one of them is a healer and life coach. What prompted you and Gloria to do the It Gets Better project? I personally loved your clip, I wish there were more POC’s on the site. We were approached by Auto Straddle, and they requested that we shoot something to add to the project they were doing.I think there’s a lot in it to dig into, and it will help some women start that conversation. If you had a significant other during the show, were they ever worried that you would bring up their relationship during taping?I did have a significant other through most of our seasons, and we would talk about it.The show was and idea that had been nagging at me for a couple of years before we shot the pilot episodes.I was going through what one of my co-hosts, Tatum De Roeck, dubbed as my lesbian adolescence.I also think visibility is important, especially among people of color.

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Is that something you welcome overall or can it be overwhelming?Sex, love, and navigating the world of women who love women. What ever the topic, the sexy opinionated ladies of Cherry Bomb tackle it with candor and humor. If you're dating, but you're still not in her top friends what does that mean?She’s known that I date women since before she really knew what dating or romantic love were. Both me and her father have never presented my sexuality to her as an issue, and she’s never seen it as one.

Being a mother for sure plays a role in how I date.

I’ve found that women have very different ideas around this issue, and rarely discuss it until they are way in.

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