Cocky funny online dating messages

27-Nov-2019 10:58

There’s a lot of talk these days about being cocky funny in your emails to women you meet online.

Well, that does work to some extent, but I’ll reserve my judgment and critique of that approach for another day.

Since the she can’t read your tone, it’s easy to come off as a cocky jerk to the woman you’re messaging. I know that is just a quick list…but, for now, keep them in the forefront of your mind and avoid doing them.

And the cocky a**hole persona just is not going to work. Just have the mind-set that you are the prize and keep things light, playful and fun.

4.) I’m too much of a bad boy for you This is one of those ways I play with the whole image of the “bad boy.” You really only want to use this if this is the kind of girl who seems to dig the thought of you being a little more edgy. This is a genetic pre-disposition, my friend.) OR – she’s mistaken you for being a bit of a Nice Guy.

Either way, it’s a push away – which makes it a good way to stir up the sexual tension.

Not as many women know how to cook as in the “old days.” If this is important to you (and it is to me) it’s a good tool to screen women with, too. Drop what you’re doing, meet me at ___ in 10 min This is a real gutsy one that puts the power in your hands quickly – if you use it right.

But only use it if you’re already going to that place – bar, store, whatever – and would be fine if she didn’t make it. If you barely know her at all and haven’t dialed in the attraction, chances are you’ll get nowhere – and you’ll look a little bossy in the process.

I use this all the time with women who I’m just getting to know, usually in the first 2-3 days.

But I want to stress that you shouldn’t use emoticons or smileys too often in your texts because you steal a lot of the drama potential from them.

It will seem less like you care if she misunderstands you or not.

What a woman really wants is a nice guy who’s strong, who’s got balls, who will stand up to her, who has confidence, who won’t take her shit.

The most attractive male persona is someone who has the long term potential of a nice guy with the wild adventurous streak of a bad boy.

Little commands like this serve to create that “you’re my little plaything” vibe with her.

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