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Christian brides cannot love God and not build communion in the Church or realize deep interpersonal relationships in the Church without being friends of Christ.

The two cannot be detached because it would create a contradiction.

In fact, as also stated by Bauman (a great contemporary Polish sociologist) we have moved from "solid" modernity to "liquid" modernity.

Today everything is "liquid," not very structured compared to the past.

In fact, single Christians must always keep in mind that in the spiritual journey there are periods of light and peace, and periods full of spiritual temptations and difficulties.

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Christian singles today, however, are immersed in a society where it is difficult to "know" in the biblical and strong sense of the term.Christian singles have to put themselves every day to follow Christ and work to build communion in the Church and in society.In this way, Christian singles will build a more cohesive and more human society where every person must be at the center and find all the attention that comes from his infinite dignity.Christian singles who find themselves in the most bitter and harsh spiritual combat must unite themselves to Christ more and more by approaching the sacrament of the Eucharist even every day.

They must not fall into the trap of fear and discouragement.Human relationships are also often considered to be products to be consumed.

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