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20-Dec-2019 11:59

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Are you going to places and doing things that will expose you to the kind of person you’re hoping to meet? When I looked at my own lifestyle a few years ago, I realised that I had been spending most of my time in bars or at home with my coupled-up friends, which effectively gave me zero chance of meeting someone new.

Then I started a ‘nomadic’ existence for a few years, where I spent no more than a month in each place, and *of course* this meant that I didn’t allow enough time to get to know potential candidates to find out if there might be *something* there.

She also steers clears of police officers and firefighters due to the unpredictable schedules that come with such careers. “I need someone who I know is going to understand what I do, and have a similar schedule and similar money goals.” Match Group which owns Tinder, reported better-than-expected earnings in August.

Tinder added 299,000 paying subscribers during the quarter.

After two years of trial and error, she no longer goes for bartenders, artists, or students. I’m looking for a partner who wants the same kind of balance of freedom and security as I do.” “The fact that I haven’t met someone yet doesn’t mean I’m never going to.” “There are plenty of amazing people out there who are single at my age – like me!” This is maybe where it becomes a bit creepy: strategies and action plans for meeting someone?! But we’re not talking about an Excel file here with milestones and targets or following a rigid step-by-step process to achieve your goal of meeting a partner.You have an impressive CV packed full of senior job titles and big-name employers.

You worked hard and played hard throughout your twenties.

You need to get clear on what (or who) it is you’re looking for if you’re to have any chance of finding it, and of knowing that you’ve found it when you do. (I don’t want to be smug but I wrote a list in my notepad a couple of years ago and my partner matches all of them. A few examples of underlying beliefs: “I don’t need a partner (but I want one).” “I don’t want to come across as being needy and desperate.” “I’d rather be alone than with the wrong person.” “I’m independent and I want my freedom.” “I’ve never met someone who ticked all the boxes.” “All the good ones are taken.” Can you see how those beliefs might be limiting your chances of meeting someone?

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He was a member of the Taiwanese Mandopop vocal boy band Fahrenheit from 2005 until he left in 2011 to concentrate on his acting career.… continue reading »

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