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01-Nov-2019 04:37

Julie was stunned, she’s my sister, and I’m getting turned on. It may be damn close to incest, but, she had to see it, or else she’d hate the fact that she missed it.

When the bathroom door closed, Julie crept forward.

As soon as Julie drove away, Chloe was making for the stairs.

She was so turned on, her heart was thumping, her pussy was tingling like crazy, oh god, it was gonna be so good.

Maybe we should just give it back to them, and she’d be happy to get the hell to a better climate.

Her Dad had needed the job, and it just had to be in Baton Rouge.

Chloe Pederson opened the front door, and closed it quickly against the brutal summer heat.

Icky and sticky, it was another one of those god awful summer days, 100 degrees, and humidity of 90 percent.

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Five minutes later, she left the house and hopped into her Ford Mustang.

Her naked backside was like something that should be on canvas from a famous painter that should be up in a museum.

She drank it all in, her high, tight white ass, moving in a harmonious rhythm. But her body betrayed her, she could feel her juices start the churning, and she was powerless to resist.

The tub created great orgasms, but this one had been extra special, being watched while she enjoyed a rocking orgasm had made her explode like never before.

She had a feeling that Chloe needed the tub just as much as she had, and she wanted to watch her sister, she wondered what Chloe looked like in the throes of orgasm, her sexy 16 year old body writhing and bucking in climatic ecstasy.

Chloe’s pussy was tingling like mad, oh god, that looked so good, she wanted to try that.

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