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19-Sep-2019 01:06

Other aspects, like the “anything goes” mentality, can be jarring or even stressful for newcomers.

Overall, nearly any type of lifestyle or preference can seem normal in Berlin if you’re in the right place and the right community — just make sure you’re not looking for long-term commitment.

When I first moved to Berlin a guy once said to me, “If you’re looking for a serious relationship, you’ve moved to the wrong city.” At the time I didn’t understand the extent of the dire dating situation here but after two years of experiencing and talking about dating in Berlin – I realize he wasn’t wrong.

Whenever I bring up dating with single friends or new acquaintances, their immediate response is to grunt with frustration.

I’ve never been keen on open relationships because in my mind that means I’m agreeing to be an option.

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Some aspects might feel very familiar to individuals from English-speaking countries, like the popularity of app-based dating.Or you’ve dated someone for a few weeks, met their friends, spent tons of time together then gradually they became too busy to see you until they disappear all together. Examples of : “Yeah I think Monday could work” • “You can come if you want” • ‘Read at pm • Two days of no texts and then a drunk text at 11pm • Not liking any of your social media posts despite sleeping together • Talks about exes a lot Examples of True story: After dating a guy for a few weeks – a purely casual and mainly sexual relationship – I left the guy’s house one Saturday morning to discover his lift wasn’t working.I texted him to ask where the stairs were and he told me then I said, “Thanks, talk later”.It seems that no matter where women come from, how long they’ve lived here, or the type of relationship they’re looking for – they all have the same complaints about dating in Berlin.

Maybe you’re reading this, completely confused about what’s going on with guys in this city, feeling like you’re all alone. Beautiful, talented, and fun loving women all over the city are experiencing the same dating struggles as you are.

Delete your dating apps, find some events to go to so you can meet new people, and take advantage of all of the great things Berlin has to offer.

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