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17-Oct-2019 10:40

One study, which appeared in the journal , found that revealing intimate details about yourself — the kinds of stories that organically pop-up when you’re in new company — can encourage closeness within a couple and increase relationship satisfaction.

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“Go out with someone who is fun, adventurous, open, interesting, has things to talk about, and who makes you feel happy.”Kiaundra Jackson, a licensed marriage and family therapist, says to look out for excessive displays of negativity, hostility, bickering, or other signs that the other couple may have some toxic elements to their relationship.hen I tied the knot in 2017, I received an abundance of well-meaning platitudes from friends about how to maintain a happy marriage. We eat at the same few restaurants and talk about the same few subjects — work anecdotes, family updates. After a few hundred dates with my husband, we’ve both come to know what to expect from a night out together.What could be more pleasant and rewarding than being in love, having a meaningful relationship, sharing life with your perfect soul mate?

While few people dispute the power of love, many seem to have trouble finding —or keeping— that special person...

In that case, drinks or dinner might be the way to go.