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21-Oct-2019 00:00

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If the friends are happy with each other, they may proceed to a restaurant or a cinema to start dating.Bungaeting (번개팅) As South Korea is a highly wired country, Koreans also use the internet to find Mr or Miss Right.If one finds someone he/she likes, they will exchange the contact details and start dating.In a meeting, the most attractive man who is able to gain the attention of most women is called “킹카” (pronunced as “King-Ka”) which literally means the”King card”.

It actually refers to internet speed dating which is a spontaneous date arranged by two persons via the internet or phone application.

In addition, Daegu YWCA opened a chatroom on one site for 2 hours, and of 48 male users that entered, 25 were blatantly looked for teenage prostitutes, 19 chatted about sexual acts, and only 4 chatted about non-sexual subjects.